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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you still do reman work for others?

Yes, we have been doing reman work for many years and continue to do so. For details, please give us a call at 800-578-2119 ext. 108 or 109 or send us an e-mail

Q: Can you chop blocks for me?

Yes, as long as we are also finger jointing them.

Q: What kind of lumber do you use?

We only use Eastern White Pine.

Q: Can you prime my lumber?

Yes, Mill Services offers both oil and latex primers.

Q: Can I get a finish coat of paint on my lumber?

No, we offer ONLY primers. The lumber must be repainted in the field.

Q: What is extractive bleeding?

Also known as pitch or tannin staining, extractive bleeding is a natural occurrence prevalent in most species of lumber, including eastern white pine. It appears as a brownish or yellowish discoloration on the paint surface. Most extractives are water or solvent-soluble and can appear at any time given the right atmospheric conditions. Regardless of the efforts of paint manufacturers and our priming processes, this is a naturally occurring phenomenon that cannot be controlled 100%. It is recommended that, should any discoloration appear, the best remedy is to allow the material to cycle through a season and, if touch-ups are necessary, simply spot prime the areas with a stain-blocking coating and re-apply the top-coat. Historically, areas that exhibit any discoloration will not reappear in the same spot. Because of the unpredictable nature of lumber and the vast environments it is subjected to, Mill Services cannot guarantee against any form of bleeding.

Q: Can I visit Mill Services, Inc.?

Yes, we would love to show you the plant. Please call us at 800-578-2119 ext. 108 or 109 to arrange a time that is good for you.

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