Eastern Brand
EASTERN finger joint boards are made from Eastern White Pine by Mill Services, Inc. EASTERN primed finger joint boards are ideal for applications requiring durable, knot-free trim boards for above-ground use.

Consider the EASTERN advantages:

EASTERN is the U.S. choice.

Many finger joint boards come from overseas, but we use locally grown and harvested wood and manufacture our boards from start to finish right in Cobleskill, NY. Mill Services ONLY makes Eastern White Pine finger joint boards, so you can be sure that we know how to do it well. We're the largest producer of Eastern White Pine finger joint boards in the northeast and we pride ourselves in our strict quality control.

EASTERN is a proven choice.

Eastern White Pine has a proven history of performance that dates back to the early days of our nation's history. It is not unusual to find the original Eastern White Pine clapboards and trim boards on homes that are over 200 years old! Eastern White Pine is naturally resistant to decay, lightweight, durable and easy to use.

EASTERN is the green choice.

Eastern White Pine is one of the world's most renewable resources. It doesn't need chemical treatment or expensive shipping from overseas, so it already has the edge over the competition. But the environmental advantages of EASTERN don't stop there. We finger joint smaller scraps of quality lumber that might otherwise go to waste and specify environmentally friendly adhesives and primers. Best of all, we use locally grown and harvested wood and manufacture everything under one roof, which reduces shipping and the carbon emissions that accompany it.

EASTERN is the top choice.

We are confident that EASTERN is the highest quality, most environmentally friendly Eastern White Pine trim board option on the market today.


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