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How to Store, Install and Finish your EASTERN Boards

For best results and to meet the conditions of your warranty, please follow these instructions for the care and installation of your EASTERN finger joint boards.


All lumber should be stored off the ground (a minimum of 12") and out of the weather.  Make sure to cover the lumber securely, but loose enough to allow air flow.  Store lumber away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.  Do not let lumber get wet or dirty.  When storing lumber near the ground, place a plastic cover over soil to minimize moisture absorption.


All EASTERN primed lumber has been sealed on all faces, edges and ends for maximum protection and complete coverage.  When cutting the lumber, be sure to seal all cuts with primer to ensure protection and extended preservation of the product.


Top coat with any premium brand 100% acrylic paint as soon as possible. For best results, we recommend top coating within six months after installation of the product. Be sure the EASTERN boards are clean and dry before top coating to ensure the best possible adhesion.


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