Eastern Forest Products is a wholesale distributor of lumber products, including Eastern White Pine, hardwoods, softwoods, fir, hemlock, plywood, OSB, SPF and more.  We maintain a varied inventory and excel in our ability to provide hard-to-find specialty items and highly mixed loads of lumber.

Through our affiliated company, Mill Services, Inc., we manufacture the EASTERN line of Eastern White Pine finger joint boards.


Wide Range of Products

We regularly distribute Eastern White Pine lumber, OSB panels (both on grade and downfall) and more, but we're happy to fill orders for specialty products. Just give us a call and we’ll get what you need.

Broad Delivery Area

We regularly deliver as far away as Texas and as close as nearby towns in our own home state of New Hampshire. Generally, our delivery area is concentrated in the eastern half of the U.S

Custom Capabilities

Eastern Forest Products is your one-stop source for both lumber products and custom services to prepare your products for the retail market. Contact us for details

Flexible Ordering

You don't have to order a whole truck of a single product. We specialize in highly mixed loads and will deliver as much or as little of product as you need.


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